Cartoning Machines: Used Cartoners From UFM

Getting your packaging right is vitally important for a number of reasons. Therefore, good quality cartoning machines are an extremely handy piece of equipment to have in your production line. Carton packaging takes on many forms, from creating actual product packaging through to making the boxes used for shipping.

Many of the used cartoners that pass through our warehouse have the versatility to handle a number of packaging tasks, which makes them extremely handy for businesses who require a range of box sizes and types to be produced. Other, generally smaller, carton packing machines may be less versatile, but if they match your requirements these workhorses will still churn out high-quality packaging time after time after time.

What types of cartoning machines are available

Here at UFM, we turn over cartoning machines of all types. However, the two main box making machines that we stock are as follows:

Vertical cartoner

Popular in the food industry, vertical cartoners are capable of handling large quantities of awkward items such as bottles and jars. This type of carton making machine works with extreme precision to ensure that damage and product line disruption is kept to an absolute minimum. They generally have a lower footprint than the other type of cartoner, which is...

Horizontal cartoner

Horizontal cartoners are the ideal packaging machinery for plants that require bulk amounts of goods to be processed in the shortest time possible. Probably the most common type of cartoner on the market, horizontal carton packers can be found across all budget ranges, with manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic cartoning machines all available.

Buying your used cartoning machines from UFM

All of our cartoners are fully tested and ready to start working for you and your business. As experts in used cartoning machines, we turn over our cartoners pretty quickly so you may not necessarily find the exact machine you are looking for initially.

However, we have numerous contacts throughout the world, so we'd be delighted to go the extra mile and source the correct cartoning machine for your needs. Simply give Harry a call on +44 (0)7894515741 to discuss your carton packaging requirements and we'll do our utmost to track down a cartoning machine that fits your needs perfectly.

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