Case Erectors: Used Box Former Machines From UFM

Fed up with fumbling around with cardboard, tape, and all the endless papercuts and waste? If you are, it might be time to look at investing in one of the many case erectors that can take care of all your box forming needs for you.

Case erectors sound like a luxury. Does my business really need one?

Tray and box former machines remove the hassle of making up a seemingly neverending amount of cases ready for packing. At first glance this may seem like a minor inconvenience that doesn't warrant investment in machinery, but the numbers tell a different story.

A human being who has been putting together boxes for some time will generally erect a case in around 20 seconds. Three per minute sounds pretty good, but a decent case erector machine can do its box forming in around 5 to 7 seconds. That means up to four times more output...and that's without taking lunch breaks, shift changes, sickness, holidays, and everything else into consideration!

A good quality case erecting machine will create perfect boxes every time (no more wonky shapes that make packaging a problem), which will speed up your production line and also significantly cut down on wastage too. Boxes aren't cheap - nor is tape - so minimising the amount of damage and discarded packing materials is clearly advantageous to any business and another reason why buying a used case erector makes sense.

When you take everything into consideration, having a case erector doing your end of line box forming for you is a real no-brainer.

Buying an automatic case erector from UFM

You may find a case erector for sale on our site that perfectly suits your needs, but you may also need something a little different to what we're currently offering. As specialists in automatic case erectors, we see a lot of different pieces of equipment come and go, so we may not always have the specific type of box maker you're looking for.

If that's the case (no pun intended), no problem. Simply get in touch with us and let us know exactly what sort of case former you are looking for and we'll do our very best to source it for you. As our turnover of equipment is so high, we could even have the perfect case erector already here just waiting to be listed.

So, if you're looking to buy a case erector for your business, call Harry today on +44 (0)7894515741 to discuss your requirements.

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