Food forming machines don't just end with the patty former; they're also the fastest way to make meatballs, pierogies, gnocchi, potato croquettes and more at scale. Not only will a food former cut down on production times significantly, they'll also give you a far more uniform end product too.

Most food forming machines have the versatility to adapt to your requirements. This means that the size and shape of your end product can be varied according to your needs. Want to produce both quarter- and half-pound burgers? No problem, just adjust the portion control on your patty former and you're good to go.

What foods can be shaped in a food forming machine?

Not only will your food forming machine be able to churn out multiple different sizes and shapes, it will also be able to process a wide variety of different food items. Everything from cheese to fish and meat to vegetables can be shaped and formed into whatever you product you'd like to produce.

Cutting costs with a food forming machine

The key benefit of utilising a food forming machine is the speed at which these appliances operate. Far quicker than any manual former, a meatball forming machine or a patty former will earn its money back in a matter of weeks thanks to the savings in labour you'll make when you add one (or more) to your production line.

However, the savings do not end there. A good vegetable and meat forming machine will also increase your yield by dramatically cutting down on wastage too. In short, if you are in the business of making burgers, meatballs, or any other type of shaped foodstuff imaginable, you need to get yourself a food former.

Buying a food former from UFM

Here are usedfoodmachines.com, we believe in supplying only the very best vegetable and meat formers available. We source top brands in the industry and put our used food forming machines through rigorous testing procedures before we offer them up for sale. This means you can purchase a food former from us knowing that you are buying a high-quality piece of kit that will serve you and your business well.

As we are constantly turning over stock you may not automatically find the particular hamburger patty former or meatball former machine you are looking for on our website. However, we're here to help you get what you want, and we'd love to hear about your food forming requirements so that we can source the perfect machine for you.

Give Harry a call today on +44 (0)7894515741 to find out more about how UFM can help your business grow with the help of a high-quality forming machine.

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