Commercial Mixer: Find Used Industrial Food Mixers At UFM

The catering scenarios that can take advantage of a good commercial mixer are almost endless. From small-scale restaurants, bakeries, and pizzerias, through to giants of the food industry running 24/7 operations, all can reap the benefits of having an industrial food mixer on hand to do the time-consuming job of bringing their ingredients together.

Commercial mixing machines make light work of blending together batters, sauces, doughs, and minces, which can save your business a considerable amount in labour costs. However, many of the used commercial food mixers we sell have far greater versatility than mere mixing, so the savings continue.

These indispensable bits of kit can also handle catering tasks such as beating, stirring, kneading, and whisking too, which allows you to do so much more than just combine ingredients.

Types of commercial mixer

While the home cook may be satisfied with a small hand mixer for their kitchen, commercial outfits need something with a little more oomph. An industrial mixer allows businesses to mix far larger quantities for greater periods of time without fear of burn out. These kitchen workhorses are worth their weight in gold to anyone looking to scale their output and achieve consistent results each and every time.

As one might expect, there are several different types of industrial food mixer on the market today. Here are just a few of the main types of commercial food mixers you can buy from us here at usedfoodmachines.com:

Stand mixers

As opposed to their smaller hand-held cousins, stand mixers come with their own stable platform upon which the bowl sits and the mixing arm rests. A stand mixer can come in a wide range of sizes, but all are flexible in the tasks they can help you complete in the kitchen.

Planetary mixers

Planetary mixers take things to another level. While you would be forgiven for thinking their name comes from their sheer size, it's actually because of the way their mixing arms work. These machines ensure even mixes for a wide range of ingredients and they can usually be fitted with a number of different attachments which allow you to perform various tasks such as whisking, dough making, beating, and more.

Spiral mixers

Spiral mixers operate in a different way to the other food mixers we have already spoken about. A spiral mixer will combine your ingredients together by rotating the bowl, rather than having a moving mixing arm. This makes them extremely capable for heavier mixes such as bread recipes. In fact, if you are specifically looking for a commercial dough mixer, a used spiral mixing machine would be a great fit for your business.

Buying used food mixers from UFM

We hold a wide range of commercial food mixers in stock here at usedfoodmachines.com, but we're also happy to discuss any specific food mixing needs you may have. So, if you are looking for a particular make and model but can't find it here on our site, give Harry a call on +44 (0)7894515741 to find out how we can help source your ideal industrial mixer.

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