It's constantly surprising just how much packaging has become a part of our lives, and tray sealers now play a huge role in a number of food industry applications. From huge ready meal producers down to small high street delicatessens, having the ability to perform tray wrapping onsite has become an integral part of their business.

Benefits of tray packaging

Tray sealing machines allow the producer to package their foodstuffs in an appealing and convenient fashion. People lead busy lives these days, so having the ability to freeze and even heat their foods directly in the tray packaging is highly desirable. Not only that, tray packaging also allows the consumer to easily transport your goods, which makes ready meals a real lunchtime option at work, not just within the home.

Then there's the obvious advantage for the producer and retailer - improved shelf life periods. Packaging your product with a tray sealing machine means your item's shelf life will be greatly extended thanks to the airtight seal created by the tray wrapping. Add to that the fact that many tray sealers also have the capability to incorporate Modified Air Packaging (MAP) into the sealing cycle and you have one of the most effective ways to package your product imaginable.

Finding the right used tray sealing machine

We often have a number of used tray sealers in our Doncaster warehouse ready to be shipped out to you anywhere in the world so check out our listings below. However, if you don't see the specific tray sealing machine your business requires please give us a call.

We have numerous contacts across the globe and can often source a particular food tray sealing machine for clients once we know their tray packing requirements. Speak to Harry on +44 (0)7894515741 today to find out more.

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