Meat marinators, vacuum tumblers, meat massagers...whatever you want to call them, if you work with meat you'll know the importance of getting flavour into your product before it hits the shelves, and these machines do that job brilliantly.

As their names suggests, these meat tumblers use vacuums to pull all of the air out of the tumbler drum, which in turn draws larger quantities of marinade and moisture into your meat as the tumbler rotates.

The constant movement of these vacuum tumblers is key too. The rotation allows the meat to become fully coated while the vacuum goes to work, pulling the marinade directly into the flesh and increasing the moisture retention exponentially.

Not only will a vacuum meat tumbler do a better job of getting marinade into your product than manual means ever will, they will also cut down your processing times considerably as well. This means greater output for your business, and a better quality end product too...it truly is a win-win.

Why marinating meat is so important, and how a vacuum tumbler can help

Unsurprisingly, marinades are largely about flavour. Getting seasoning into meat prior to sale can be a challenge, but it's essential if you want to offer a flavourful product to your customers. Thankfully, vacuum tumblers do a lot of the donkey work for you, and they're versatile enough to handle all kinds of meat products. From beef to chicken, pork to seafood, all can be beautifully marinaded with the help of a meat marinator.

One misconception over marinating meat is the marinades ability to tenderise. Contrary to popular belief, this is rarely the case. However, the fixed paddles found within a vacuum tumbler's drum will help maneuver your product around as the meat tumbler rotates, which causes tenderisation to occur while the marinade does the job it's primarily designed for - adding flavour.

Another benefit of meat marination in a vacuum tumbler is the additional succulence your product will have once the process is complete. A vacuum marinator will help open the pores on the meat, so your marinade can get right into the food and increase its moisture content.

These vacuum meat tumblers allow the marinade to penetrate the meat much more deeply and they also give you far more even results too. Not only that, a good industrial vacuum tumbler will also process far larger amounts at a greater speed, so you'll be able to increase your output considerably as well.

Buy a meat tumbler from the experts

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