Food cutting machinery is found everywhere from small bakeries, restaurants, and butcher's shops, right the way up to huge processing plants handling thousands of items per hour. The commercial slicer has been around for years and they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes.

Everything from a commercial meat slicer or commercial bread slicer, through to vegetable slicers and even specific machines for slicing cakes are available to businesses operating in the food industry..

Why a commercial slicer is vital for food businesses

The reasons why this piece of machinery has become so ubiquitous are plentiful. A commercial slicer can improve output, lower costs, and produce a better end product more consistently than manual cutting and slicing ever could. Furthermore, a commercial slicer will also improve yields, especially from meat and dairy products.

Types of commercial slicer

As we have already touched upon above, food slicers aren't simply for turning huge hunks of meat into delicate slices. Specialist commercial slicers can be found for a number of tasks, both within the kitchen and in processing plants. Some of the different types of, and names for, industrial slicers available include:

  • Commercial bacon slicer

  • Commercial bread slicer

  • Commercial bun slicer

  • Commercial cake slicer

  • Commercial deli slicer

  • Commercial food slicer

  • Commercial meat slicer

  • Commercial roll slicer

  • Commercial vegetable slicer

Regardless of their application, all commercial slicers can save your business precious time during the food preparation stage, thus lowering costs and improving output. Industrial machinery, such as a commercial meat slicer, will also have a number of settings which allow you to adjust the thickness of each slice, giving you the flexibility to change between wafer-thin sandwich fillings up to hearty sliced meats for main courses.

Buying your commercial slicer from Used Food Machines

We hold a wide range of commercial slicing equipment in stock here at usedfoodmachines.com, but we may also be able to source products that aren't currently showing on our site too.

So, if you are looking for a specific commercial bread slicer or industrial meat slicer, for example, we'd be happy to use our extensive contact list to help you track down the slicer machine that best fits your needs. Give Harry a call today on +44 (0)7894515741 to discuss your company's requirements.

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