Every kitchen is different, but if you are in the food industry one thing remains the same: the need for a good, reliable commercial oven. Industrial cookers are essential to restaurants, hotels, pizzerias, bakeries, cafeterias, food manufacturers, etc. and they must be able to keep up with the rigorous demands placed upon them.

Knowing your commercial oven

The type of business you are running will largely dictate the type of commercial oven you'll need. Commercial stoves come in a wide range of styles and types, so it's vital you know exactly what tasks you need your industrial cooker to handle before you commit to one particular make and model.

Types of industrial cooker

Once you know what type of commercial cooking you intend to do, you can then begin matching that up with the correct industrial stove to meet your needs. As we've already touched upon, there are a number of different types of commercial oven, but here are a few of the main players when it comes to industrial cooking appliances:

Accelerated cooking ovens

An accelerated oven uses both traditional and microwave technology to perform cooking tasks faster than a traditional commercial oven would on its own. The downside to these particular commercial cookers is that they are generally quite small, so they won't suit every business.

Bakers oven

Ubiquitous in bakeries across the globe, a commercial bakers oven is vital if you want your bread to turn out perfect every time. Ranging from tunnel ovens to tray ovens, these bread cookers are generally gas fired and capable of churning out numerous loaves all to an exceedingly high standard.

Combination ovens

Commercial combination ovens cook with both steam and convection, making them very versatile and capable of producing a wide range of different dishes according to the chef's requirements. These ovens are quite labour intensive, though, as cleaning can take a lot longer than a standard oven thanks to the two different methods being utilised.

Convection ovens

Possibly the most popular type of industrial oven, a commercial convection oven is fantastic for consistent results. While they may not be as quick as an accelerated oven, commercial convection ovens are still fast enough to keep even the most impatient chef happy. Fan assisted, these industrial ovens produce evenly cooked dishes each and every time.

Conveyor ovens

As the name suggests, these commercial cookers incorporate a conveyor belt that takes food slowly through the heating element of the oven. Ideal for cooking items such as toasted sandwiches at scale, these industrial ovens are perfect for busy cafeterias.

Finishing ovens

Another self-explanatory commercial cooking appliance, finishing ovens bring the final touches to dishes by browning or melting the tops of foods that have already been cooked. Finishing ovens are popular in bars and hotels that need to add finishing touches to foods before serving to the public.

Pizza ovens

A commercial pizza oven will generally have a very low profile ceiling and a ceramic plate or stone within its heart. The combination of these two elements ensures the fast cooking required to produce a pizza which has that essential crispy base, yet maintains its succulent topping. Naturally, all commercial pizza ovens will be able cook more than one pizza at a time, but sizes do vary.

Rotisserie ovens

Commercial rotisserie ovens give supermarkets, restaurants, and other food establishments an ideal way to cook meat to perfection. Commonly associated with chicken, commercial rotisserie ovens can also work wonders on all different cuts of meats, from small racks of ribs right the way up to full hog roasts.

Steam ovens

Commercial steam ovens give chefs the ability to cook their ingredients and retain moisture content without the excessive browning found in some of the other oven types listed here. Generally controlled with a reservoir of water in the base of these commercial ovens, steam cookers are efficient, versatile, and healthy industrial cooking appliances.

Toaster ovens

Sometimes referred to as top and bottom cookers, commercial toaster ovens have, unsurprisingly, heating elements both above and below the food rack. These commercial stoves are great for cafes that need to turn over a lot of small items quickly. Despite having two heating elements, the speed with which they cook makes them unexpectedly energy efficient as well.

As you can see, there are plenty of industrial ovens for numerous different tasks. Here at usedfoodmachines.com, we specialise in used commercial ovens that are fully tested and ready to slot straight into your kitchen. Give Harry a call today on +44 (0)7894515741 to discuss your requirements.

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