Checkweighers are an integral part of the food industry. Knowing that each and every item that comes off of your production line at exactly the right weight is essential, not only for customer satisfaction, but also to ensure that your company doesn't fall foul of the stringent rules and regulations surrounding the sale of underweight products.

The two types of checkweigher

Checkweighers generally fall within two categories: static and dynamic. Let's take a look at each in a little more detail:

Static checkweighers

A static check weigher is what one would usually consider to be a bench scale. Manual operation of this type of checkweigher machine means they are a labour intensive way of ensuring your products are hitting the correct weights each and every time. While the process can still be speedy, using a checkweigher scale is the slower of the two types of checkweighing machines.

Dynamic checkweighers

As their name suggests, dynamic checkweighers capture the weight of your products while they are moving through your production line. This process is fully automated, which means that all of the products are able to be checked for weight rather than just a sample amount often inspected when using a static check weigher.

As the products are weighed automatically with a dynamic check weigher, any items which do not hit the correct weight will be rejected by the weighing system. These will usually be funneled away from items that are the right weight by way of air jets or pneumatically controlled arms so they can either be removed from the line altogether or their weight corrected.

Therefore, the benefits of having a dynamic check weigher machine are obvious. Not only will 100% of your products be checked, they will also remove any item that doesn't hit the correct weight without the need for human intervention. This makes your production line both more efficient and more reliable.

Buying used checkweighers from UFM

If you are looking to purchase a used checkweigher system, you're in the right place. We have numerous different types of checkweigher pass through our doors every year, and we'd love to match you and your business up with the perfect machine for your needs. Give Harry a call today on +44 (0)7894515741 to discuss your requirements.

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