Industrial metal detectors play a huge role in the food industry. Without them it would be a case of trusting to luck that no trace element of metal had passed into the foodstuff being produced, which is obviously something all manufacturers are keen to avoid.

The commercial metal detectors used in the food industry can vary, but the two main categories are largely separated by those with a ferrous-foil head or a general purpose head. It is these heads that are used to seek out any tiny fragments of metal that may be lurking within the food passing below.

What's the difference between the two types of industrial metal detectors?

The key difference between the two types of food grade metal detector is simple: those with a general search head are able to detect non-ferrous and ferrous metals in both frozen and fresh foods. This includes any traces of stainless steel, a common metal used in the food industry because of the smooth and easy-to-clean surface it has.

Ferrous-foil heads, on the other hand, are only able to pick up ferrous metals from within foil-wrapped foodstuffs. Like the general purpose head, the ferrous-foil metal detector is capable of detecting metal in both fresh and frozen foods.

Buying used industrial metal detectors from UFM

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