Within the food industry, a commercial vacuum sealer is largely used for two reasons: to extend the shelf life of a product and reduce the size of the packaging used. They achieve this by removing the air from the wrapping or bag in which the food is placed, thus shrinking the packaging and encasing the item within a protective plastic coating.

Types of commercial vacuum sealer

There are generally two different types of industrial vacuum packers used within the food industry: nozzle vacuum sealers and chamber vacuum sealers. Let's take a look at each in a little more detail:

Nozzle vacuum sealers

Widely considered to be the more versatile of the two types of industrial vacuum packers, commercial nozzle vacuum sealers work by inserting stainless steel nozzles into the packaging bag before drawing out the air found within. Some nozzle vacuum packaging machines come equipped with a gas flushing system that allows the user to incorporate modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) into their production line; an additional feature that will further extend the shelf life of your product.

The majority of nozzle vacuum sealers come with the ability to vacuum pack either one or two shrink bags per run, but we do get some used nozzle vacuum packers that have the capability for multiple seals per cycle on occasion. For more info on used nozzle vacuum sealers, give Harry a call on +44 (0)7894515741.

Chamber vacuum sealers

While nozzle vacuum sealers do an outstanding job, chamber vacuum sealers take vacuum sealing to a whole new level. A chamber sealer is frequently used within the meat and dairy industry where the maximum amount of air withdrawal is needed most, but they can also be found in other sectors of the food industry too.

As their name suggests, the bagged food is placed within a chamber so that the open end of the shrink bag is laid over the machine's sealing bar. Once in place, the chamber vacuum sealer lid is brought down over the product and the vacuuming and sealing process will begin. Gas flush cycles are commonly found on a commercial chamber vacuum sealer, so you can benefit from the additional protection modified atmosphere protection (MAP) brings.

Another key benefit is the fact that a chamber sealer will allow you to seal multiple bags at once. Your only real restriction is the length of the sealing bar across the vacuum chamber. Providing you can lay the bags comfortably along its length, a commercial chamber vacuum machine will easily handle several items at once.

If you'd like to find out more about any particular used commercial chamber vacuum sealer we have available, or if you'd like to enquire about one that we currently do not have in stock, give a Harry a call today on +44 (0)7894515741.

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