If you are looking to buy carton sealing machinery, you're in the right spot. Our range of used case sealers can help you replace old sealer machines or provide you with an inexpensive way to add to your current line.

Widely used throughout the food industry, automatic sealing machines and case tapers securely package your product with a minimum amount of fuss and effort. These workhorses help streamline your production process and make your plant more efficient.

Why case sealers make sense

An automatic sealing machine is a safe way to fulfil your packaging needs. Removing the need for glue guns and sharp blades means your staff will be working in a far safer environment.

As these machines are used at the tail end of your production line, their importance cannot be understated. Without having a high-quality sealing machine in place, you are running the risk of holding up your whole plant. Therefore, you really need a piece of kit you can rely on if you want to avoid costly bottlenecks and get your product out of the door in a timely fashion.

There's also a money saving element, too. Opting for an automatic box sealing machine can save you cash in labour costs over the long term, so these packaging sealers can really be regarded as an investment in your business rather than just another cost.

Buying used sealing machines from UFM

As with all of our machinery, our case sealers are fully tested and ready to go. To buy one of our used carton sealing machines, or to find out more about the other equipment we have in stock, give Harry a call on +44 (0)7894515741.

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