Emerito 0.8 Capping machine

Emerito 0.8 Capping machine, 2009, stainless, designed for the closing of twist capsules on glass jars from capsules Ø30 to Ø110. Exclusive design stands out for its simplicity of handling and its simplicity for changing formats. In addition to the closing mechanism, it is provided with an automatic feeding of capsules. It is complemented with a steam injection system to obtain a vacuum in the closure. The machine has been built in stainless steel. All the elements in contact with the product are authorized for food use. This bottle seamer is designed for small producers, entrepreneurs, laboratories or for testing lines of new products in the market. It has a rotating system for transporting containers inside, with a specific closure head with BC "Balanced Capping" technology. The Emerito 0.8 seamer is capable of closing approximately 30-40 jars per minute. Machine power: 1'5 kw. Voltage: 240/400 V

Ref: 2632


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