Laief GSL-14-12 Grigoli stick line

Laief GSL-14-12 Grigoli stick line, Serial: PP-11-2018, 2019, Max mechanical speed 25, number of wide 12, capacity 12/30,000, row of moulds 130, cooling CaCI2, brine holding capacity 5,000L, liquid refrigerant Freon or NH3, defrosting steam, main drive movement full servo, comes with button up fill, volumetric filler for BU, volumetric fruit filler, volumetric microfiller, 3 x volumetric fillers, flt sick inserter, round stick inserter, chewing gum stick inserter, intermedial extraction, product saving unit, 200Kg chocolate tank, chocolate dipping tank, NH3 Evaporator 200Kw, 4 sets of moulds, catwalk gantry, ask for further spec, total cost brand new £1,120,300

Ref: 3563


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