NFM L120 IV Vertical cutter mixer

One of our flagship vertical cutter mixers — the L120IV can cut, mix and homogenise an incredible variety of material at exceptional speed and scale. With 120 litres of capacity, this model is ideal for large scale manufacturers in both the food and pharmaceutical industries. And with a programmable touch-screen interface as standard, the L120IV brings high-level automation to your operation, saving labour and ensuring consistency batch after batch. Technical Details Capacity: 120 lt. Speed: 600-3000rpm Power: 18.5 kW Dimensions: 100 x 70 x 135 cm Capacity/ Batch: 75 kg. Capacity/ Hour: 1200 kg. Key Features ? Interactive touch-screen controls ? Hygienic, heavy-duty design ? Includes 120 lt. stainless steel bowl ? Includes 4 stainless steel blades ? Stepless variable speed controls ? Transparent lid for visibility ? Cut, mix and homogonise ? Fully Automatic Operation ? Stainless steel chassis This machine is available with a wal

Ref: 1952


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