NFM L20 IV Vertical cutter mixer

Able to process a variety of high-density materials, the L20IV series are perfect for large scale catering operations as well as small-batch or bespoke manufacturers. With step-less variable speed controls, the L20IV combines a compact form-factor with exceeding versatility of purpose to provide an exceptionally well-rounded solution to your mixing, cutting and homogenising needs. This model is available with both single and three phase varients. Technical Details Capacity: 20 lt. Speed: 600-3000rpm Power: 2.2 kW/5.5 kW Dimensions: 60 x 38 x 133 cm Capacity/ Batch: 9 kg. Capacity/ Hour: 180 kg. Key Features ? Hygienic, heavy-duty design ? Includes 20 lt. stainless steel bowl ? Includes 4 stainless steel blades ? Stepless variable speed controls ? Transparent lid for visibility ? Cut, mix and homogonize ? Stainless steel chassis This machine is available with a wall mounted control panel for easier cleaning and maintenance. Our four-

Ref: 1946


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